2019 Summer Camps

Our summer camp roster is packed with a variety of engaging and entertaining half day and full day camps. Students should bring a sack lunch for whole day camps or for two half day camps on the same day. After hours care is available for some weeks throughout the summer.


Rock & Roll

Ages 4-7 / June 3-7 / $165 / 9 a.-12 p. We are looking for the next rock and roll star this summer! We will jam out with handmade instruments, learn hip songs and dance the camp away. Your rocking scholars will build their social skills, gross motor and fine motor skills. We will show off our moves at a final performance! This camp is designed for preschool and kindergarten students and is taught by our partners at Little Scholars LLC.

All Terrain Tracker

Ages 7-12 / June 24-28 / $150 / 9a.-12p. How about some land rover excitement? Build and take home your very own All-Terrain Tracker Vehicle! It travels the rough terrain overcoming objects in its path. Sciensational Workshops will bring its own course for you to conquer. Sand, stones, twigs, and balls will all be part of the challenge. How about a timed race? You will also learn about gears. Work in a group with your new friends as you design a robot you can control. Build a Sumo wrestler and be part of our battle box events. Loads of fun and education in store the Sciensational way! This camp is best for kids ages 7-12 and is taught by our partners at Sciensational.

World of Wizards

Rising 3-6 Grade / June 10-14 / $165 / 9a.-12p. Calling all wizard fans! This is like no other camp you have experienced. We will take a magical journey into the world of wizards. We will design wands, make magic potions, go on a magical creature hunt, play Quidditch, and participate in activities that will astound all Muggles. This camp is designed for rising grades 3-6 and is taught by our partners at Little Scholars, LLC.

Electronic Lab

Ages 7-12 / June 24-28 / $150 / 1-4 p.m. Learn about electronics the best way possible. You will experiment and take home your own Electronic Lab Kit. You will get to build a super race car engine sound, electric fan, motion detector, power microphone, trombone sounds, space war sounds, and so many more neat projects. That's not all. It is not just about building. You will learn what direct current is and which materials conduct electricity. Learn what happens when you place batteries in series. Learn what resistors and capacitors do and so much more. Better yet, make your own battery. Make a mind reading game, a musical doorbell, and a lie detector, control electronic currents by the clap of your hands, and still more than that. Yes it is Sciensational Workshop's way of Science. Fun, hands on and educational. Kids will be grouped by age. This camp is best suited for kids ages 7-12 and taught by our partners at Sciensational.

Little Veterinarian School ®

Healthy Pets are happy pets. Ages 5-12 / June 10-14 / $300 / 9a.-3p. This unique program encourages children to role-play and explore the exciting world of Veterinarians. Using interactive demonstrations, crafts and games, kids learn how to take care of a pet and use instruments that real veterinarians use. A preview into our week and topics to be covered, include but not limited to the following: Learning the importance of proper care and nutrition to keep dogs, cats, and guinea pigs healthy. Completing an assessment of a dog and a cat. Knowing what to do if a dog gets hurt and how to care for them. Learning safety rules for being around animals. Discussing what radiographs are and what the light and dark shades mean on a radiograph. This Summer Camp is a fun and hands on class, where kids will receive their very own adopted stuff pet dog and cat for the week. Each child will receive a diploma as a graduate of Little Veterinarian School® upon completion of the course.

Intro to Art Basics

Ages 8-13 / June 17-19 / $125 / 1-4 p.m. This is a three-day intro to art basics that will cover a wide variety of techniques and provide an overview of the elements and principles and how to use them. Time to explore media and materials. The opportunity to work in a visual journal to develop, grow, and work out ideas. A safe environment to explore risk-taking. This is taught by Ashbrook Elementary Art Teacher Angela Wemlinger.


Make It & Take It Science

Ages 6-11 / July 15-19 / $150 / 9a.-12p. In this hands-on, fun, and exciting program, you will discover how amazing science is. You will make and take home a wide assortment of toys designed to teach you science concepts in a hands-on way. Grow and take home a crystal tree. Make an energy bead bracelet and watch as those amazing beads turn from white to a rainbow of colors before your eyes. Build a working electric motor. Make your own sharpie pen T-shirt and learn some cool chemistry (student supplies a 100% cotton T-shirt). Make your own bubbling blobs and explore the properties of a density tube. Make silly putty—glowing goo—green flubber and other cool projects. By the way...we will make ice cream in our own amazing, different, Sciensational way! This camp is best for kids ages 6-11 and is taught by our partners at Sciensational.

So Many Ways to Be Wicked

Ages 6-12 / July 29-Aug. 2 / $225 / 9a.-3p. Mal returns to the isle of the lost to find her arch-enemy Uma, the daughter of Ursula, teaming up with Harry, the son of Captain Hook, and Gile, the son of Gaston. This camp is best for kids ages 6-8. Campers will create a mini-show in just one week! Campers will participate in a final "in-formance" at noon on Friday. Parents should plan to attend the in-formance. This camp is lead by our partners at CATCO is Kids!

Project Greenlight: Film Creation

Ages 9-12 / July 22-26 / $225 / 9a.-3p. Write and storyboard two short movies as we discover the rewards and challenges of writing and directing for the camera. This camp is best for ages 9-12 and is lead by our partners at CATCO is Kids! Campers will create a mini-show in just a week! Campers will participate in a "in-formance" on Friday at noon. Parents should plan to attend the Friday "in-formance".

Teen Art Workshop

Ages 13-17 / July 15-19 / $145 / 10a.-12p.

Gina Perry, of the Creative Clinic in Grove City Presents…

Best Teen Art Workshop in Town!
Attention teens! Do you love art but want to learn how to take your skills to the next level? This workshop is perfect for you. We will teach you some cool watercolor techniques as well as learning to master drawing realistic looking eyes and more! No special talent requirements needed, we will walk you through all the steps!

Taught by friendly and encouraging artists with art degrees and years of professional experience!

Food and drinks are welcome. This is a five day, two hours a day program from Monday, July 15 until Friday, July 19 from 10 a.m. to noon. Registration is $145 a person and includes all your materials. This program is best for students ages 13 to 17. 

Little Medical School: LMS: Is there a doctor in the house?

Ages 5-12 / July 22-26 / $300 / 9a.-3p. The Little Medical School ® offers children the opportunity to learn about medicine, science, and the importance of health in an entertaining, exciting, and fun way. This camp encourages children to do this as they explore the exciting and inspiring world of medicine. Using interactive demonstrations, crafts, and games, kids learn how the body and organs work, how to use the instruments that real doctors use, and even tie knots like a real surgeon. Children get their own stethoscope, that really works! Students will learn all about and make models of the spine, brain, bones and the exciting eye, and much more.

Learn To Code iPad/iPhone

Ages 8-12 / July 29-Aug. 2 / $285 / 9a.-4p. Give your kids a head start by learning how to code this summer! Students will get to code and create their own iPhone/iPad games by dragging and dropping LEGO-styled blocks on the screen. This coding curriculum is taught on the IOS platform like the iPad/iPhone. It employs LEGO-styled blocks for the instructions and all programming constructs will be taught. Kids will also focus on Algorithm and logic thinking using Pseudo coding, a tool that is very useful to break up complex problems into smaller pieces. Apple iPad will be provided for the kids and there will be no sharing of devices. No prior knowledge of computer programming is required; however, students should know how to navigate using an iPad. This program is taught by our partners at Code Monster.This program is best for rising 2nd-5th grades or ages 8-12.


Writing Lab

Rising 7-10 grade / Aug. 4-7 / $125 / 9-11a.m. The average student will be required to write a variety of essays throughout his or her academic career, and these essay assignments will cover an assortment of goals and purposes. Despite the actual assignment and the format used, understanding what makes for good writing and the proper techniques to use can lead to creating a well-crafted essay without the frustration students sometimes experience with writing. We have certified teachers that will be leading a four day small group writing class for students in grades 7-10.

Dragons to Unicorns: Fairytale Creatures

Entering K-3rd Grade / August 5-9 / $160 / 9a.-12p. In this immersive camp, students will experience their favorite fairytales through storytelling, drama games, and creature characterization while building acting skills. Students will bring to life stories of fantastic animals, fairytale beings, and even create their own creatures!

Songs & Scenes from Wizard of Oz

Entering 3-5 grade / August 5-9 / $160 / 1-4 p.m. Follow the yellow brick road with Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion as they go on their quest for their hearts’ desires. Students will learn songs, dances, and scenes from The Wiz, Wicked, and The Wizard of Oz while building musical theatre skills. Students will work in large and small groups to create performances for the Friday Showcase as we share favorites from this classic tale!


Students participating in a whole day camp and/or two half day camps (that combined make a whole day camp) are encouraged to bring a sack lunch, water bottle and snacks. A fridge is available for the lunches. No food will be provided by Pickaway Place.

The age requirements for the camps are set by the partner organization.

Preschool : generally best for kids who have experience at least one year of preschool through kindergarten age students. Approximately kids
ages 4-7.

Elementary : programs are suited for kids who have completed kindergarten through fifth grade and are approximately ages 7-12.

Middle School : camps and classes are created for students who have completed 6th through 8th grade and are approximately ages 11-14.

High School : programs are defined for students who are incoming 9th-12th grade and are approximately ages 14-18.

Multi-Grade : programs defined as multi-grade are for kids in multiple groups (such as elementary and middle or middle and high school). It is best to check the age recommendations in the class descriptions.

After hours care is available for any camp participants on select weeks
throughout the summer. On the website or app, click After Hours Care and
best support your needs.