2020 Summer Camps

Our summer camp roster is packed with a variety of engaging and entertaining half day that can be scheduled for full day programming. Students should bring a sack lunch for two half day camps on the same day. After hours care is available for some weeks throughout the summer.


World of Dance

Ages 5-8 / Monday, June 15-Friday, June 19 / 9a. – 12p. / $120

Come join us in learning dances from around the world! We will explore a variety of dances from different regions. We will dive into the history and customs of different cultures and discover how dances around the world are created. While learning basic dance etiquette and technique, we will develop our appreciation for different cultures. No previous dance experience is necessary. Students will perform in a Friday Showcase for family and friends at the end of the week.

This camp is taught by our partners at CLC Dance.

Science Palooza

Grades: Incoming 1-5 / Monday June 15-Friday, June 19 / 1-4 p.m. / $175

Come discover, experiment, and create as we learn about the colliding worlds of art and science in this STEAM-based camp. We will create biomes from around the world, star gaze at constellations, master meteorology, investigate how things work and dabble in chemistry and physics. Put on your learning cap and grab the art supplies because this STEAM camp will rock your world!

Same family discount available. This program is lead by our partners at Little Scholars.

Create Your First iPhone/iPad Mobile Game

Grades 2-5 / Monday, June 15-June 19 / 9a.-12p. / $165

Students will learn how to code and create their own computer games and animation on the IOS platform. Instead of playing games on the iPad, students can learn how to create their own games by dragging and dropping LEGO-styled blocks on the screen. This class will improve students’ critical thinking, logic, and creativity. It teaches children to solve problems effectively. Campers will also focus on Algorithm and logic thinking using Pseudocoding, explore the advantage of reusable codes using functions, and improve their knowledge on technical jargon. No prior knowledge of computer programming is required; however, students should know how to use the touch screen to navigate around the screen.

Princesses & Superheroes

Grades: Incoming PK-K / Monday, June 28-Thursday, July 2 / 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. / $145

Do you have what it takes to save the universe? Do you have the sparkle to rule the world? Train to be the superhero or princess you were meant to be! Save the human-kind from evil-doers everywhere in this interactive and high energy camp. The training combines cooperative games, team building activities, literature, educational enrichment activities, and craft projects to ensure your powers will be supreme.

Same family discounts available. This program is lead by our partners at Little Scholars.

Pay It Forward

Grades: Incoming 6-8 / Monday, June 28-Thursday, July 2 / 1-4 p.m. / $145

Pay It Forward is a unique opportunity for students to learn how to impact the world around them. Our leaders will learn about public speaking, civic involvement and community outreach opportunities with an engaging curriculum to channel their desire to have a positive impact on the world around them.

Same family discounts available. This program is lead by our partners at Little Scholars.


Creative Journaling

Grades: Incoming 4-7 / Monday, July 13-Friday, July 17 / 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. / $175

What are you waiting for?! Join the craze of journaling, calligraphy and hand lettering. Perfect your own style of writing while creating a one of a kind journal and writing utensils. Our camp will spark your creative writing juice and ignite your inner artist!

Same family discounts available. This program is lead by our partners at Little Scholars.

Whiz Kids

Grades: Incoming Grades 1-3 / Monday, July 13-Friday, July 17 / 9 a.m.-12 p.m. / $175

Join us on a science discovery mission! We will explore the world of science through everyday objects, experiments and encounters. This camp will enhance the STEM education philosophies with a big punch of fun. Physics, biology, chemistry, geology, astronomy and zoology will all be covered in the camp.

Same family discounts available. This program is lead by our partners at Little Scholars.


Grades: Incoming 1-5 / Monday, July 20-Friday, July 24 / 9 a.m.-12 p.m. / $175

Calling all inventors, creators, builders and designers! Come build some awesome creations with us! We will create our own designs and make structures using recyclable materials, building block and many other interesting items. Skills necessary… none! Skills gained: communication, problem solving, reasoning, developing creativity, and team work.
Same family discounts available. This program is lead by our partners at Little Scholars.

Kids Exploratory Coding Playground

Grades K-2 / Monday, July 20-24 / 9a.-12p. / $165

You’re never too young to start coding! This course is specially created for young children in rising grades K to 2. We are using Scratch Jr. to encourage a light and playful environment to create a digital story and simple animation. Students will be immersed in their own creation using their own voice and giving a sequence of instructions using lego-styled blocks. The main objective is to let students take control of their creation and gain an understanding of how he/she can alter the behavior and sequence of events (Please note syntax or algorithm will not be discussed as this is not the objective of the course). This introductory course will empower young children to gain confidence in themselves and be aware of human and computer interaction. No prior knowledge of computer programming is required


Students participating in two half day camps (that combined make a whole day camp) are encouraged to bring a sack lunch, water bottle and snacks. A fridge is available for the lunches. No food will be provided by Pickaway Place.

The age requirements for the camps are set by the partner organization. In most cases we provide leniency on both sides of the age requirements; so if you have questions, please let us know!

Incoming/Rising: means the grade the student will be going into during the 2020-2021 school year. 

Preschool : generally best for kids who have experience at least one year of preschool through kindergarten age students. Approximately kids ages 4-7.

Elementary : programs are suited for kids who have completed kindergarten through fifth grade and are approximately ages 7-12.

Middle School : camps and classes are created for students who have completed 6th through 8th grade and are approximately ages 11-14.

High School : programs are defined for students who are incoming 9th-12th grade and are approximately ages 14-18.

Multi-Grade : programs defined as multi-grade are for kids in multiple groups (such as elementary and middle or middle and high school). It is best to check the age recommendations in the class description.

After hours care is available for any camp participants on select weeks throughout the summer. On the website or app, click After Hours Care and select the dates/times that best support your needs.