Our Vision

To be the premier destination for programming, classes and activities for all ages in Pickaway County. To grow, improve and enhance our offerings in order to continually provide for the changing extra-curricular needs of our County. It is our vision that The Place is your go-to location for the best in program offerings that add value to your life.

Do Something Amazing

Our community deserves the greatest of opportunities and adventures right here, right now. When we think about the ability each one of us has to become a greater version of ourself, the possibilities are endless!

Whether you want to take a class, teach a class, host a party or become part of a small group focused on the same outcome, The Place is designed with you in mind. All of you. All of us.

You belong here.

Kim Miller and Family

About the Founder

Kim Miller is an experienced communication and marketing professional with proven results in strategic communication, strategy development, event planning, and small business growth. After 20 years of cultivating successful collaborative relationships for a variety of organizations, she brought together her passion for her family, her community and her skill to create Pickaway Place. Miller lives in Ashville with her husband and two kids, two dogs and hermit crab. She is dedicated to the growth of people and loves a good party.

Kim Miller
Founder & Executive Director

Meet Our Partners

The team behind The Place is a comprehensive, strategic and thoughtful collaboration of program-based organizations. Many of our partner organizations are established businesses with classes and programs throughout the greater Columbus area. The Place is parents, teachers, friends, coaches, neighbors and people just like you coming together to grow and learn more.

Little Scholars Logo

Little Scholars

We believe the strongest educational foundations are built on the individual needs and interests of each student. Our personalized approach is just one thing that sets Little Scholars apart.

CATCO is Kids

CATCO is Kids is CATCO’s imaginative, captivating theatre program for central Ohio’s young theatre lovers and their families. We're onstage, offstage, in the theatre, classroom, and community.
The Penmanship Lab Logo

The Penmanship Lab

The mission of The Penmanship Lab is to provide quality handwriting coaching to foster a natural and automatic skill, improve legibility and efficiency while having FUN!

Tutor Doctor

We guide students through a customized learning experience.

Robot Academy

We empower kids to become engineers, programmers, inventors and entrepreneurs... All while having FUN with like-minded kids and inspiring instructors.
Little Medical School Logo

Little Medical School

LMS is a STEM program bringing medicine, science, and the importance of health to your children ages 4-12 in an entertaining, exciting, and fun way!
Youth Yoga Project Logo

Youth Yoga Project

Youth Yoga Project is a Columbus-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to providing access to yoga and wellness programming for young people to improve their physical, social, and emotional well-being and increase their academic success.

The Glass Slipper

All inclusive birthday parties for girls ages 4 and up, Bridal Shower teas, Baby Shower teas and Special-tea Teas, Manners and Art classes and summer day camps.
Columbus Children’s Theater Logo

Columbus Children’s Theater

At Columbus Children’s Theatre we educate and involve young people of all backgrounds in the theatre arts. Through our programs we foster self-esteem and self-discovery by emphasizing discipline, integrity, team-building, and communication skills in a positive and creative environment. We promote access to theatre arts for families who do not have regular opportunities to appreciate theatre in their lives because of either economic, cultural, or other barriers.

Code Monster

CodeMonster is about fundamental. Without fundamental we cannot build anything upon it. Our curriculum always start with the basic and will quickly accelerate to the required level. Kids coding must have the element of fun.
JumpBunch Logo


Our completely mobile program can bring sports and fitness classes right to you! This includes age‑appropriate equipment for each child and a top notch coach for kids ages 18 months to 12 years. Something new each week, or try a sports focused clinic!
Enriching Kidz Logo

Enriching Kidz

Enriching Kidz mission is to help parents along the way, to educate your children to lead engaging, educated and self-confident lives! From teaching them how to stay home alone safe, to how to care for their younger siblings, and navigating through social exclusions and friendship, and so much more, we’ve got your back.


Eradicating STEM Deserts. OASIS is an acronym that describes our mission- Opening Access to STEAM in Informal Settings. Our goal is to leverage technology and logistics to change the economics of providing high-quality, hands-on STEAM experiences so that children everywhere can have access. We've developed content that inspires youth and develops their spatial intelligence, collaboration skills, and problem-solving ability while engaging their sense of play.
Ruling Our Experiences ROX Logo

Ruling Our Experiences ROX

The mission of ROX is to create generations of confident girls who control their own relationships, experiences and decisions.
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