We Are Temporarily Closed

Due to the statewide mandate to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), our facility is temporarily closed. We are quickly responding to the change and are providing details on our website, and via email regularly. 

Batting Cage & Team Rentals

Cage rental is available for individuals, teams or other groups for practice, for fun, for hitting or pitching or anything in between!

Cage & Indoor Practice Rentals

The batting cage is rented in half hour increments at $25/half hour. If a player (group or individual) rents the cage for at least four half hour increments (all scheduled at one time) the half hour rental fee is $15. Rules and regulations apply.* This rental fee applies for pitching or hitting. 

Players or teams looking to host indoor practice can book the batting cage and big room for 1.5 hours for $55, if at least four practices are scheduled at one time. Rules and regulations apply.*

Included in Cage/Room Rental

When the cage/room rental is booked for indoor practices, teams have access to the batting cage, pitching machine, pitching mound (baseball), two nets and two tees, anywhere balls, indoor fielding practice balls, assorted exercise equipment such as jump ropes, medicine balls and more. The cage/room rental is available most evenings and weekends, including Sundays. 

Rules & Regulations*

Individuals and teams scheduling four rentals for the discounted price must select all rental dates/times at initial time of payment. Initial payment is $30 for half hour cage rentals and $110 for 1.5 hour cage/room rentals. Second payment, due at third rental, is $30 for half hour cage rentals and $110 for 1.5 hour cage/room rentals.

One reschedule per date/time is permitted. If the additional dates/times scheduled are not kept, full rental fee, without discount, will be applied to the renter’s account at Pickaway Place ($100 for half hour cage rentals and $620 for 1.5 hour cage/room rental).

General Rules

There are is no gum, food or seeds in the batting cage.

Only one hitter and one machine loader permitted in cage when using pitching machine. When pitching mound is in use, pitcher, catcher (in gear) and hitter permitted in cage at one time. Coach must be behind the screen.

When fielding in the big room, players must use anywhere balls or fielding practice balls with a moveable wall behind fielding target.

All players must complete a waiver online or in person to participate in batting cage use. If a family has an online account with Pickaway Place, the waiver has already been completed for that player/family.

Easiest way to schedule consecutive cage or cage/room use is through calling 740-601-5995 or emailing Classes@PickawayPlace.com

Check for open hitting, half hour rentals and more on our website under Baseball/Softball in the online scheduling portal.

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