Hitting Leagues

Four person hitting leagues will run in five week sessions.

Schedule and Fees

Team schedules will be provided at least one week prior to the season start date. 

Players may sign up in four person teams OR as free agents who will be assigned to a team needing a player. Players age is based on April 1. Players are permitted to play on maximum of two teams per session. 

Fees (per five-week session)
$75 per player 
$300 per Team

Players may individually pay or pay as a team on their Pickaway Place account or in person by check or cash. Final payment is due prior to first day of league play. Teams not paid in full will be disqualified. 


Four person hitting leagues will run in five week sessions.

Each team will play at least one time per week for five weeks.

League play will be:

Wednesdays 6-9 p.m. is 12U/14U Softball

Thursdays 6-9 p.m. is 8U/10U Baseball

Saturdays 10 a.m.-1 p.m. is 8U/10U Softball

Saturdays 2-4 p.m. is 12U/14U Baseball

Games are 55 minutes. 

Sign Up

Submit a new form for each session you would like to play. Finalize your payment online with a credit card in your Pickaway Place account OR at Pickaway Place with cash or check.

General Rules

Each player bats every inning and receives five pitches. The highest point receive for each at-bat will be recorded for that at-bat. Points are awarded for hits into designated areas of the net. At the end of the 55 minutes, the team with the most points wins.

Umpire/ Score Keeper has the final saying. Arguing with the ump/score keeper will not be tolerated.

Each team is required to have a catcher. Some catching gear will be provided, but teams should plan to provide their own catching gear.

If a team does not have a pitcher, the pitching machine will be used. Pitchers should be aggressive.

Each team consists of four players. If one or two players are absent, the other two or three players will rotate to ensure four hitters per inning.

In the event of a tie, each team will designate one hitter for a five-pitch stand-off. The hitter with the highest points wins the tie.

Finalize your payment